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Psychopharmacology: Home


Psychopharmacology is “The study of the effects of drugs on mental and behavioral activity.” (Scope statement in the Medical Subject Headings source). Welcome to the LibGuide for this class and to the RichLyn Library which can help provide you with invaluable, credible sources to study this topic. This an incredibly important subject to research and you need to access current and valid information so please follow this guide to do your research. 

On this first page we give you a link to our online catalog which will give you access to books we have in our HU library but perhaps more important to YOU it also gives you access to eBooks on the topic.  Please remember to check copyright dates so you get the best, most current sources.  While this will also give you access to journal articles the sources from this page may not be exhaustive of what is available to you; if you click on the other tab on the top of this guide it will give you more information on databases and sources of information.

As always, if you get stuck please do not EVER hesitate to email me, Anita Gray. I thoroughly enjoy helping our students and will get back with you as quickly as possible, evenings and weekends included.

RichLyn Library Discovery Catalog

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The Library Discovery System will help searchers:

  • Find books and other resources located in the library
  • Find articles that relate to their topic
  • Allow access to materials online
  • Show the researcher materials that can be requested on Inter Library Loan


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