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Federal Depository

RichLyn Library has been a selective depository of federal government documents since 1964. As a selective depository we receive about ten percent of all government publications offered. Our collection includes many major government publications including the Code of Federal RegulationsUnited States CodeUnited States Statutes at Large and United States Reports.

Indiana State Documents

Many Indiana state government publications are available from

Accessing Federal Government Documents

RichLyn Library receives about 10% of the documents published by the US government. All of those are listed in the Library Discovery System. In the last several years the Federal Depository Library System is now offering the majority of their publications via the World Wide Web. Various sources are available to access those documents including many search engines. Here is a list of the major government search engines:

Community & /PALNI members of the library may check this material out, others are welcome to use the material in the library.