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Welcome to RichLyn Library

On behalf of the entire library staff I would personally like to welcome you to Huntington University’s RichLyn Library.  Although many of you are not on campus we still desire to assist you just like we assist those who come through our doors.  Although all of us are delighted to help you I am your liaison librarian, Noelle Keller.  I prefer to connect by email because I am able to assist you fairly quickly with an answer to your question.  You can also schedule a Zoom meeting or research appointment. 

This guide will direct you to our online catalog, various databases and periodicals, as well as other useful information.  If you are not sure where to start, why your search is not yielding the results you need or want, or if you are wondering how you can get hold of certain items please contact me. I am always happy to help.

RichLyn Library Discovery System

The Library Discovery System will help searchers:

  • Find books and other resources located in the library
  • Find articles that relate to their topic
  • Allow access to materials online
  • Show the researcher materials that can be requested on Inter Library Loan

How to Effectively Search the Online Catalog

Please use this document to help search the Huntington University, RichLyn Library Online Catalog.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Journal articles: All articles requested will be sent as an efile to your Huntington email address. You need to plan in advance (at least a week) if you wish to request an ILL, we need to give the loaning libraries time to process your request after we get it to them.

Books & media: You can request books and media from other libraries through Huntington University's RichLyn Library.  The materials will be sent to RichLyn Library for you to pick up. If you are not on campus please contact a librarian for help accessing books.

For Instructions on requesting Interlibrary Loans click on

Director of Library Services