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RichLyn Library Collection Development Policy, 2021

The faculty and academic departments are responsible for developing the academic programs which the library supports, and, in conjunction with the librarians, for developing library collections. It is the librarians' responsibility to meet the information needs of the university community and to maintain balance throughout the entire collection. Faculty involvement in the process of materials selection is critically important. Individual faculty members are relied upon as subject experts. The faculty and the librarians will act in coordination to select appropriate materials. Faculty members should consider their course needs and subject research, and the general needs of the collection, within the discipline as a whole, in related disciplines, and in interdisciplinary areas where they might have expertise. 


For Faculty

Orders from faculty may be submitted to the Library Assistant. We accept orders by campus mail, email or by using the Library Materials Request Form. When submitting orders please include the following information:

  • Author
  • Title
  • ISBN
  • Publisher
  • Date of Publication
  • Edition (if available)

Faculty are encouraged to consult Choice Reviews Online to assist in selection and for reviews of academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources.

For Students

Students are encouraged to submit request for consideration. You may use the Library Materials Request Form.


The library will accept donation of academic resources which contribute to the curriculum of Huntington University. The disposition of materials not added to the collection will be at the discretion of the librarians for sale, donation, reuse, or recycling. Please contact the Associate Director of Library Services to donate items to the library. The library is not legally authorized to appraise donations. Those wishing to donate rare or unique material for Special Collections or University Archives please contact the Director of the United Brethren Historical Center.

Periodical gift subscriptions which meet general collection and gift guidelines are accepted by the library. However, to be incorporated into the regular processing channels gift subscriptions should be addressed to the library. Scattered issues and single copies are not accepted.

Homecoming Book Sale

Each year during Homecoming Weekend the library sponsors a used book sale. Those wishing to donate used material to this sale should deliver it to the RichLyn Library before October 1st. We accept books, DVDs, CDs, and vinyl records. Funds received from the sale help supplement the Library Art Purchase Award given to a HU student each year during the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibit. The art purchased then becomes part of the permanent collection of the RichLyn Library.