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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan for Alumni

We request all alumni use their local institution as the primary source for interlibrary loan material. In some cases this is not possible so as a service to our alumni, RichLyn library will provide interlibrary loan service for articles as long as there is not a charge from the lending library. We do not provide interlibrary loans of books and other monographic material (such as videos).

Many states offer access to various databases for their citizens such as INSPIRE for the citizens of Indiana. Linked below is a document that lists each state and the link to access the states list of research databases.

PubMed and Loansome Doc

"PubMed comprises more than 28 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books." PubMed also provides an interlibrary loans service called Loansome Doc. This service will connect you with a institution that will help you access articles that are not provided as full text in the PubMed database. Loansome Doc users must create an account and and attach their account to a provider institution. RichLyn Library acts as a provider institution for our Alumni and friends.

Registering for Loansome Doc

Individuals can signup for Loansome Doc either at the time of order or separately.

To register for Loansome Doc click on the link above. You will be taken to the following sign up page where you should click on the yellow Sign up! text.

The Loansome Doc registration page will guide you through your account setup. Here are some tips on how to setup you account.

Step 2. Find a Library to Serve You

  • Country of Residence = United States
  • State/Province = Indiana
  • UNCHECK "Show only libraries that serve the general public"
  • NOTE: If you live outside of the state of Indiana and wish to use Huntington University as your primary provider you must choose Indiana as your state.

3. Select a Library

  • Select Huntington University as your provider

4. Contact the Library

  • User Identificaiton
    • Alumni, Students and Staff enter your Huntington University ID number
    • Community patron please enter the barcode number on the back of your RichLyn Library card.
    • Local health professionals please use the code IHHCHP
    • Select the best category that describes you connection to the University. Alumni should select "I am affiliated with the institution"

5. Terms of Use

  • Accept the terms of use

6. My Info

  • Supply your email address and create a password
  • Fill in the starred fields - incomplete forms will be rejected
  • Choose your preferred delivery method
  • Max cost per article - RichLyn LIbrary will only supply articles that we are no cost to us so Max cost can be set to 0.00
  • Comments to Library -Local health professional please indicate the institution with which you are affiliated

7. Verify Your Information

Ordering ILL through PubMed

If an article that you find in PubMed is not available as free full text you may request it as an ILL from RichLyn Library.

1. After locating the article(s) you would like to request either click on the selection box in the list or click on the title to go to the full bibliographic entry.

2. Send to Order

  • In the upper right area below the banner is a "Send to" dropdown, click on the dropdown
  • In the popup box select "Order" then click on "Order Article"

3. Login to your Loansome Doc account (or sign up if you don't have one, see instructions elsewhere on this libguide)

4. Place Order

  • Once you have verified that this is the item(s) you want, click "Proceed to Delivery Options"
  • Delivery options - enter any special instructions, check the box for Copyright Compliance then click "Continue"
  • Confirm order - check that all items are correct then click "Send Order"

Orders will be sent to the Interlibrary Loan Office of RichLyn Library. You will be contacted when the material is available. Please allow 48 hours to 1 week for delivery.

Loansome Doc also provides for the opportunity to check on your order status or to update your account.